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David J O’Brien Independent Senate candidate (NSW)

2019 Federal Election.

Policy outline and Positions-

Aged care and pension


-Timely action to rectify obvious issues before the Royal Commission findings are delivered.

-Increased monitoring of care facilities to ensure an acceptable standard of care is being provided.

-Increase staff levels.

-Improve training.

-Record of all incidents must be kept and government should review incidents, issue large financial penalties, seek criminal sentences and licence cancellations for deliberate and severe breaches of care requirement.

-Backpay for applicants who met pension requirements but weren’t paid due to government failure to efficiently process people’s claims.

-Addressing 128,000 home care package backlog. Our elderly should not be waiting 1.5 years for home care assistance.

-No increase to pension age.


-Centrelink delaying claims and using the 12 week cut-off to eliminate back payment to people.



-A broad distribution of funds throughout the arts.

-The protection of artistic rights and intellectual property.

-Increased funding for Australian television content, developing theatrical& artistic performances and productions.

Australia Day Honours


-More women being included in the nominations process.

-Well paid government employees or representatives only receiving awards under highly exceptional circumstances.

Bank Royal Commission


-The implementation of all of the Commissioner’s recommendations.

-Increased compensation for claimants.

-Banks actively working to ethically finalise matters with customers and to do it in a timely manner.



-Improved and responsible business modelling.

-Employment subsidies for businesses with turnover less than $5M.

-Government showing leadership in renewable transition and giving business certainty on energy policy.



-Increased funding assistance for low income families.

-Childcare workers receiving a pay rise to reflect the important role they fill in the development of our children. Early development and education has a major impact on a child’s development.

-Government run childcare centres could potentially be incorporated into existing schools. This would reduce the cost of childcare as profit and premises rent costs wouldn’t be a part of the childcare cost equation. 



-Inquiry into naval ships being run beyond recommended capabilities.

-Peacetime spending target of 2.1% of GDP.

-Individually tailored programs that retrain service personnel for civilian roles.

-Increased medical care provision, support and compensation for injuries suffered through combat and non-combat service. 

-Extension of programs aimed at preserving family units of ex-service personnel.

-Funding for programs that’re focused on ensuring that ex-service personnel receive ongoing and individual assistance for physical injuries, psychological trauma and sense of loss experienced when exiting roles.

-Inquiry into the use of anti-malarial drugs and affected service personnel.

Digital economy and technology


-The review of NBN’s capability to deliver a world class service.

-Conduct a costing of upgrades to the NBN, in order to deliver the world class network that was promised to the Australian people. This is vital for our digital economy to thrive into the future.

-Government assistance for patent acquisition, app and software developers, communications development.

-Technological and scientific R&D funding to enhance and improve our interactions, data and identity protection.

- Severe financial penalties for entities that store people’s data and then fail to effectively protect that data.


-Backdoors into encryption software.



-Restoration of NDIS funding trajectory/ Reversal of $1.6B funding freeze.

-Improve NDIS rollout and service standards.

-Acting on known failures before the Royal Commission delivers the findings.

-Centrelink recognising Dr’s opinions in regards to people’s disabilities.

Drugs and Addiction


-All major town centres having drug rehab facilities to cope with the community needs.

-Easier access to rehab facilities in order to prevent some violent incidents occurring and if possible to prevent further serious damage to people’s mental and physical well being, with aim to reduce traumatic experiences felt by families and the loved ones, of the people lost in addiction.

-Pill testing at festivals, aimed at prevention of un-necessary deaths and harmful effects. 



-Funding alignment with Gonski’s original recommendations.

-Increased TAFE funding and additional placements.

-More scholarships for talented students from low income families.

-Ongoing web education for school children that’s included in the syllabus.

-Reduced HECs repayments. Repayment scale should be reviewed to better apply to people’s financial situations. No repayments if earning under $60K.

-Continuation of NAPLAN so we have a standard, with which to assess the education system.

-Children being seated on school buses, especially if the vehicle is travelling over 50kph. 

Environment and Energy


-Responsible renewable transition.

-ALP’s policy of 45% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030.

-Increase of the electric vehicle fleet (EV’s) and infrastructure initiatives for charging network.

-The protection of environmental flows in river systems, fertile farm land, wildlife, bush land and artesian water systems.

-Increased financial incentives and low interest loans for further domestic up-take of renewables.

-Ensuring that mining operations reserve sufficient funding for environmental restorations/clean-ups.

-Royal Commission into the mismanagement of the Murray Darling Basin and Review of Adani water licence decision.


-New coal fired power stations.

-Mining more brown coal.

-Expansion of fracking operations.

-Use of public money to underwrite the fossil fuel industry.

Foreign policy


-Restoration of foreign aid budget.

-Improved diplomacy and upholding our responsibilities under global treaties and agreements.

-Setting a better example in regards to human rights.

-Fair wages and a safe workplace for O/S manufacturing workers.


-Sale of uranium to countries that have not signed up to the Nuclear non-proliferation of weapons treaty.

-The sale of weapons and military equipment to countries that are not upholding human rights standards.



-Anti-corruption commission/ Federal ICAC.

-Political Donation reform.

-An independent Speaker.



-Better behaviour from MP’s.


The outbreak of grubby, outrageous and corrupt behaviour that’s infected our parliament.



-Reducing elective surgery waiting times.

-Corrective surgery being performed to eliminate the backlog of cases. Ongoing welfare cost to the nation can be reduced by funding corrective surgery for people.

-Restoration of health funding trajectory.

-Unfreezing of the Medicare rebate for Dr’s and health professionals.

-Dental services for pensioners, seniors health care card holders and health care card holders.


-Patients waiting years to progress through the system only to be told surgery isn’t an option at this point of time.

-Hospital staff facing additional or excessive pressure surrounding their roles.



-Initiatives to build affordable housing in city and semi-rural areas. Local contractors should be sought first to help stimulate growth in local economies.

-Increase saving incentives for 1st home buyers.

-Increase of government funded financial advisors for the public.

-Grandfathering/Securing of current negative gearing investments and the incentive being used for new constructions in the future. 



-Responsible migration that doesn’t create an oversupply of labour or impact further on already clogged infrastructure in the major cities.

-The welcoming, inclusion and embracement of new Australians on an ongoing basis.

-Appreciating the value to the nation of having a population from diverse cultural backgrounds.



-Constitutional recognition, Makarrata, Statement from the Heart.

-Improvement of services in regional and isolated communities- Clean water, Housing, Health, Education, Employment.

-Increased funding for driver education/training and legal services.



-Action that will reduce pressure on our clogged services.

-Projects which are essential to maintain and improve access to the outer regions.

-Rail improvements.

-Road improvements.

-Electric Vehicle incentives, charging facilities and battery changeover and recycling plan.


-The sale of Australian ports and critical infrastructure or control of by overseas entities.

Industrial relations& Workplace laws

Employment& Wages


-Restoration of penalty rates.

-Government actively monitoring pay rates.

-Pay discrepancies being corrected quickly.

-Large fines for entities that wilfully violate pay levels. (Employer must check rates and comply)

-Massive fines for franchise operations that commit and rely on wage theft.

-Wage increases that keep up with company profit figures. Workers have received a 3% wage rise compared to a 40% profit increase and people are being left behind.

-Discussion surrounding an Automation tax, to replace forecasted revenue loss with the predicted increased rate of automation. Impact is also predicted from the increased use of artificial intelligence to perform the jobs of today.


-Full time jobs being dissected into 2 or 3 jobs.

-People having very little job security.

-People being exploited by unscrupulous bosses.

Media& Communications


-Diverse media landscape that supports and reflects a high standard of journalism.

-Funding grants for independent media that’s delivering high standard news content.

-ABC/ SBS independence and budget restoration.

-NBN should be assessed for costs to actually deliver a world class communications network the nation needs.


-Any further concentration of the media landscape into the hands of the major players.

-Laws that aim to stop journalists reporting stories which are in the public interest.

-Laws that unfairly target whistleblowers.

National Redress Scheme


-Increased compensation/ Redress for survivors that’s in line with the Commissioner’s recommendations.

-Creation of law to ensure that organisations develop effective measures to prevent occurrences of abuse.

-Fines for non compliance and deregistration of the organisation for multiple breaches of duty of care provision.

-Government paying redress to survivors and recouping money from offending organisations, whether they’ve joined the redress scheme or not.


-Further trauma impacted upon the survivors.

Rural& Trade


-Gaining access to markets to enable exports of Aus products and to deliver more consumer choices.

-Ensuring imported goods are consistent with Australian standards.

-Improving X-ray capabilities of cargo at ports.

-Keeping global relations on diplomatic, fair and honourable terms. 

-Funding for struggling farmers to help them get through this drought.

-Government financial assistance and advice to help adopt less water intensive farming operations. 


Trade deals that-

-See our products sold cheaper overseas than here.

-Result in item shortages for the Australian consumer.

-Result in people paying higher prices at the checkout for Australian products.

-See our products supplied to the O/S market before the Australian domestic market.

-Trade deals that fail to include human rights, fair pay rates, worker safety or environmental costs.



-Restoring CSIRO budget to ensure ongoing environmental and climate data.

(Continuity of scientific data is essential for most accurate results)

-R&D into manufacturing tech, sustainability initiatives and options, renewables.


-$444M grant to the GBRF which is run by ex fossil fuel bosses.

The grant did not follow the outlined process and funding should be reviewed.



-Grants for grass roots sporting development, sport expansion and facility improvement.

-Greater access and support for school aged children to play and participate in sports, in their local areas and regions.

-More women’s sport being covered and shown on ABC and SBS.


-Big business sports receiving government funding for grass roots development.

-Money being given to cover sporting codes with no requirement placed upon the grant recipients.



-Initiatives in regions where mining’s receding and where it’s predicted to recede.

-Improvements of existing facilities where the need can be clearly demonstrated and without marring the area.

-Improve background checks for tourists as 64,000 people have flown into Australia as tourists under this government and claimed asylum. (NB- Many more than on boats)



-Cashless Welfare Card being reserved for people with addiction problems or complex issues. Card costs $10K /person per year, which nearly doubles the welfare cost.

-Ending the Centrelink, Job Active and Disability Support Agency rort. Over $5B has been blown for a 48,200 reduction in the number of unemployed people. Based on the $5B figure, it equates to a policy cost $103,734.43 per job placement. NB- This is very poor value for the amount of money being spent.

-Ending the punitive and cruel actions placed upon the needy.

-Acknowledging and accepting Dr’s opinions.

-Improving communications and assessment processes.

-Re-hiring government employees and social workers.

-Backdating claims due to sloppy government processing. (no 12 week cut off).

Women and Domestic violence


-The call for respect and equality.

-Equal pay for equal work.

-Recruitment of women with mentor status and or successful careers into educational roles.  

-Initiatives that are aimed at stopping the violence and assisting victims.

-Increase of services including public education, frontline services counsellors and legal assistance surrounding cases.

-Additional funding to meet the need for emergency accommodation.

-Funds for moving and the set-up of a dwelling should be available if budget’s unable to cope with the extra expense.

-Security upgrades should be funded- if the upgrade is beyond budget limits and moving isn’t an option.



-Wasting $6.7M of government funding so the Endeavour replica can go around Australia.

-GBRF $444M grant.

-Income splitting arrangements that enable people to avoid paying tax. (ie Trusts account rorts)

Authorised by David J O’Brien- Independent Senate candidate, Newcastle NSW 2318. davidobrienindependent@gmail.com Federal Election 2019 © David J O’Brien 29/04/2019. 

Hot issues



Aiming to make a positive impact on politics and protect the interests of citizens.

I stand to protect free speech and the rights of the Australian people.



Pollution and Climate change threaten our environment. Storms are creating more damage and fires are becoming unstoppable.

A meaningful renewable transition is necessary to combat climate change.

Equality& violence against women


Sexism and misogyny

holds back our progress as humans.

Violence and other forms of abuse are unacceptable in a modern society.

I fully support women in the push for respect and equality.



Double standards, ignorance, human rights breaches, impunity and contempt flow from the major parties.

Too often, the people in the most need are unfairly targeted by those in power.

I will fight for fairness.



Government has abandoned procedure on many occasions and reduced people's faith in politics.

I support Federal ICAC and Political donation reform to reinstall people's faith in the system and to protect our nation from corruption and greed.



Australia needs responsible immigration that doesn't create an oversupply of workers.

Other factors that government should consider are whether infrastructure& services can cope with the population increase.

Wages will continue to remain low

while a labour oversupply exists.

Working for the nation


Serving The Community

I've been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly when called upon.


United By A Common Goal

Transition is the responsible way for Australia to adopt renewables and it's essential we do everything possible to reduce climate change.

I've signed the Australian Conservation Foundation- Climate Leadership Agreement to reach our goal.


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